Study in Singapore

Singapore’s education system comprises of primary school (6 years), secondary school (4 years), and junior college (2 years) or polytechnics (3-4 years). Options for further studies can be explored in the several local or private universities in Singapore.

Admissions can be highly competitive as priority is given to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Applicants can approach schools or the Ministry of Education all through the year, but admissions are hugely dependant on vacancies. Popular schools can have long waiting lists. In addition, a foreign student applicant will be required to sit for entry exams on subjects such as English and Mathematics. Other than passing the requisite exams, applicants will need documentary proof to show completion of an adequate standard in school in the home country, as well as adhere to the age criterion.

Our Service

While direct school contact for an entrance examination is possible, schools have become exceedingly reluctant in recent times to facilitate such a procedure in the absence of a strong compelling reason. Waiting lists can also be long. We usually advise applicants to register with the Ministry of Education for the Admissions Exercise for International Students exam (AEIS). As long as examination criteria are met, applicants will be guaranteed a place in a government school.


Unless the applicant is a Dependent Pass holder, he or she will have to apply for a student pass. At this stage, it is important not to make any mistakes or your application may get rejected, regardless of the Letter of Acceptance that has been issued by the school.

We have handled the appeals for many such cases so we are familiar with how common this problem is. Our experience will enable us to put together an unerring application for a student pass, including the requisite documents such as photographs, proof of education, grades, and even financial proof. In some cases, we may request for further documentation should we deem it helpful for a particular application.

Speak to us so we can understand how we can help you enrol your child successfully into a local school in Singapore.